Meet Our DJ's

Trevor Blake

When I'm not deejaying weddings, I can be found: Art Directing various freelance projects, doing portrait illustrations in graphite, and finding the original source of samples in hip hop songs (I currently have a list of about 120 samples that aren't completely obvious!).

My other interests: Car design (if you know who Chris Bangle is, we'll be friends forever!), modern art, and creative writing.

Favorite music artists: The Roots, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra, Thievery Corporation, Redman, Massive Attack, Esthero, Black Moon, Mos Def, The Neptunes.

First dance songs I'm enjoying lately: "All of Me" (John Legend) "Dream a Little Dream of Me" (Ella Fitzgerald), "The Nearness of You" (Norah Jones), "Everything" (Michael Buble), "At Last" (Etta James), "Unchained Melody" (Righteous Brothers).

A quote I live by: "Be the change you want to see in the world." – Mahatma Gandhi

On being a wedding DJ: "I think music is one of the very few things in life that is instantly gratifying. When I hear a song I love, I am immediately uplifted. It also brings people together in ways that other mediums cannot. People often dance with complete strangers and build a relationship from there. That alone makes music an incredibly powerful medium, especially for a wedding, and I enjoy being able to work within it."

Alex Storm

Alex Storm

When I'm not deejaying weddings, I can be found: Exploring San Francisco and all that the Bay Area has to offer! I also enjoy staying active, running, hiking, biking, and yoga. Playing my instruments - mostly guitar, but I play banjo and harmonica. Discovering live music and new venues. Cooking a good meal every now and then, otherwise trying one of the many different restaurants around town. Basically, just enjoying life in general! :)

My other interests: Trying to learn something new every day. Meeting new people, discovering new places.

Favorite music artists: Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, Frank Ocean, Infamous Stringdusters, John Coltrane, Anderson Paak, California Honeydrops, John Mayer, Marvin Gaye, Greensky Bluegrass, Paul Simon, Fela Kuti, Van Morrison, The Beatles, Norah Jones, Sam Cooke, Steely Dan, Buddy Holly, Radiohead.... The list goes on forever. I really can't pick favorites, I appreciate it all!

First dance songs I'm enjoying lately: I love the classics, those timeless songs from the '50s and '60s: "Unchained Melody", "I Only Have Eyes for You", and the like. Stripped down or acoustic versions of current popular songs are cool, too. I really like Sam Smith's piano and string arrangement of "Latch". What I enjoy most is when a couple chooses a song that is meaningful to them. :)

A quote I live by: "Life could always be worse, appreciate what you have."

On being a wedding DJ: I absolutely love what I do! The variety of people and places from night to night, and the different musical tastes makes my job the best thing ever. Working with new couples, families, and groups of people all the time creates for new and unique experiences every time. I would like to DJ as long as I possibly can in my lifetime.

Cameron Blake

Cameron Blake

When I'm not deejaying weddings, I can be found: Designing motion graphics for television and film. I am a front end web developer and ux/UI designer. I work with hardware and software integration for be and AR technologies.

My other interests: I raced motorcycles in southern California. I love cars and motorcycles and have a few custom projects going on. Imports and hopefully soon an American classic.

Favorite music artists: Jimi Hendrix, 90's Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Indie, Punk, Downtempo

First dance songs I'm enjoying lately: Emerson Lake and Palmer 'From the beginning'. The Cult 'Painted on my heart'.

A quote I live by: "Aim for the remarkable". -David Ogilvy

On being a wedding DJ: "This is the most special day for a couple next to becoming parents. I want that day to be the shared moment that each couple desires. I look forward to every wedding and making it a golden memory for everyone attending."

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