Learn about Average Cost Bay Area Wedding DJ Solutions with Premier Wedding DJ Service

Weddings can be expensive – and of course you want to splurge on your big day. Keeping costs down while still making sure things are memorable and your guests have fun can be a challenge.

One way to keep costs reasonable is to opt for a DJ instead of a band. This also gives you a much wider variety of music and more flexibility – a band will tend to play fixed sets while a good DJ can read the crowd and tweak things to fit the mood and keep people dancing longer. A good Bay Area wedding DJ service will give you a package that contains exactly what you need in terms of timeline and equipment, although you can also save a little more by booking off-peak dates.

A wedding DJ service will cost anywhere from $600 to $2000. Anything below that and you will probably have a DJ that does not normally play at weddings and does not have the skill. If you are lucky, you will only get married once, so skimping is not a smart idea. You probably want to go to the upper end of the price range to get an experienced, skilled DJ with good reviews. Also, make sure that you know exactly what the package includes. Do you get to talk to the DJ before the wedding? How much control do you have over the playlist? How big is their music database and do you have access to it? Working with the DJ to make everything perfect is worth a little bit extra.

If you are getting married, find out what each company has to offer and choose the best for you, which may not be the cheapest (but is unlikely to be the most expensive.